Kang, heat-emitting platform


The original goal of this project was to design a “snoezel room” that would stimulate multiple senses of patients . I would like my design to comfort Alzheimer’s patients while being part of their normal, everyday environment, just as, if I were a patient, I would like to have a life as close to normal as possible.
My focus is on the sense of touch and warmth. It borrows some materials and techniques from traditional Chinese health care. Bags filled with cherry pitts can be heated and produce a comforting sound; holding them in one’s hands is a pleasant haptic experience. With this idea in mind, I visited the Overspaarne care facility in Haarlem and decided to intervene in its lobby, which is spacious but lacks warmth; its elements seem afloat in space.
My plan would entail a fundamental redesign of the lobby and provide it with a central element that serves as an anchor. This is a large heat-emitting platform, inspired by the traditional heatable brick beds used in northern China, on which cherry-pit bags are placed.


10.2 10.3 10.4 10.5    10.10

Kang, heat-emitting platform

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